Home Traveller

Traveler assistance includes support that enables participants to build capacity to independently travel to hospital or go to cinemas to watch movies, including through personal transport-related aids and equipment to use public transport.

A participant’s transport supports may also include the reasonable and necessary costs of taxis or other private transport options for participants who are not able to travel independently, as well as transport to and from school for students.

A Trusting Care staff member will drive you to your appointment or another place in the community and take you back home when you’re done. Our transport services are booked on an ongoing basis, such as a weekly trip to the shops or regular medical appointments. We provide you with safe, convenient transport, scheduled in advance to help you to fulfill your wishes.

With NDIS, you have the power to choose the services that best suit your needs and goals, including how services are delivered. Each of the services above can be tailored to your specific requirements and changed as your needs change.


Trusting Care is focused on providing in home-care services and we are the best disability service providers in Australia. As part of our services, we aim to provide our clients with complete services and support as a part of their journey to an independent life.


We at Trusting Care provide transport services to all our patients. We understand the difficulty faced by families during the time of transportation to and from the facility. We have a team who is capable to assist these patients and transportation services that allow an easy transition for the patient.